NCC Seychelles

More Active Advocacy online for Children’s Rights and Gender.

The National Council for Children and the Gender Secretariat in the Ministry of Social Development and Culture are launching their first activity, under funding from the 10th European Development Fund with social networking advocacy training on Tuesday 7th February at The SIM, Majoie.

Both organizations are pro-active in the promotion of Human Rights namely Women's and Children’s rights and this 4 day training will equip participants with a modern, innovative way of reaching out to their target audiences.


The social networking training, conducted by consultant Dirk Slater from Tactical Technology Collective UK, will equip participants with online communication strategies for their advocacy campaigns.


Social networking involves the building of communities or networks, encouraging use of collective intelligence, participation and engagement. Since the early 2000s a range of web-based services have been developed for social networking.

And this has changed the way we use the internet today -how we interact with one another, how we produce and share content and how we create spaces for ourselves. It is also being seen as a cost efficient way of communicating to a specific target group with minimal budget.

More and more people are connected to the internet and this training will enable participants to use online tools in a creative way to mobilize and engage stakeholders and make gender and CRC activists feel like they are part of something bigger and more exciting.