NCC Seychelles

Exciting Times: The Journey Intensive Workshop -17th and 18th February 2012

An exciting opportunity arose for NCC staff when Lydia Hoyland a trainer in journeywork visited Seychelles and ran a two day Journey Intensive Workshop at CARE House. NCC staff joined and worked alongside colleagues from CARE, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Social Development.

The Journey is a “transformation and healing process” and was pioneered by Brandon Bays from America. It is said to be a “unique tool for awakening and liberating the innate human potential.” Benefits of undertaking this work include learning a simple and effective tool to address emotional blocks and old patterns of behaviour. This, in turn can create transformations on a deeper level. It can be effective both for adults and children.

In order to learn the tools of Journeywork experiencing the processes first hand is essential. Therefore the first day of the workshop involved experiencing and learning about the emotional journey process, whilst the second day involved learning about the physical process.

It was an intensive but rewarding workshop which left many participants with a smile and sense of contentment as old emotional baggage finally had a chance to be discarded. There was also a sense of anticipation as the prospect of Lydia returning to Seychelles to undertake further training is being considered.