NCC Seychelles

Easter Party

Some twenty children between the ages of seven and ten years of age, attended an  Easter  party organized by the NCC in partnership with ISPC. The party was held in the NCC playground which was decorated with brightly multi coloured flags and balloons, thus giving the playground a very festive atmosphere.

The children were brought in by their parents and they spent about two hours having fun in different activities organised for them. The activities ranged from: Pin the Easter Bunny’s tail, musical chair, statue dance, playing on the bouncy castle, face painting, Easter egg hunt in the playground, karaoke and others.
At lunch time, the children sat down to lunch prepared by the ISPC and soon after continued with their games. The air was full of children’s laughter as they chased each other round the playground or played on the various games. Some were more interested  in showing their skills at singing so they went for the karaoke singing songs of Hanna Montana, Michael Jackson and other popular songs.