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Child abuse and animal cruelty ‘linked’

Animal abuse is often one of the earliest signs of a child or a family in trouble. And it is often an animal care person arriving on the scene to identify a family in need of social service intervention. Simply put , when animals are abused , people are at risk; when people are abused, animals are likewise in danger.

The body of research and evidence linking animal abuse, child abuse and domestic violence keeps rowing hence the reason why the National Council for Children and the Seychelles Society for revention against Cruelty to Animal (SSPCA) joined forces to explore this link.

The LinkThe NCC and the SSPCA held a half-day conference and exhibition at the National Institute of Education (NIE)  Mont-Fleuri on Tuesday 7th September and  discussed a joint approach to the problem. The rganisations warned that the sort of person who hits or abuses a family pet may also behave violently towards children.

Delegates at the conference included personnel from different social welfare organizations such as the police, health, education  and veterinary specialists.

They explored various ways of  identifying  cruelty to animals and children and the  link between domestic violence and abuse of animals and discussed effective prevention measures.

The two organizations hope to put the expertise gained from this unique gathering of professionals towards informing and shaping future policy and practice in child and animal protection.

The exhibition which then moved into the Victoria House Arcade complex drew a large  crowd.