NCC Seychelles

Parenting Session on Silhouette

On the evening of the 9th May, Doughlas and I left Labriz Hotel at Belombre to take a 35 minute boat ride to Silhouette to conduct a Parenting session there for the parents on the island. It was an enjoyable boat ride as the sea was calm and the ride not too long.

When we reached the island we were met by the Head teacher Ms Cynthia Barrack and her assistant Miss Milano. We were taken to where we were staying and then taken on a brief tour of the village. It was a very pleasant walk and we got to enjoy the quiet island atmosphere and talk to a few residents

After a hearty breakfast , compliments of IDC, we made our way to the Social Centre for the session. We had a total of 12 parents of which 4 were fathers Although the group size was smaller than expected the session went smoothly with the parents participating actively in the discussions, sharing ideas and experiences.
At the end of the session they expressed their satisfaction at having had the opportunity to learn new skills which they said they were going to put into practice.
As facilitators we felt that it was a wonderful experience, having had the chance to raise awareness amongst parents living into such a close knit community. The opportunity to raise a child as a community is possible as everybody knows everybody else.

The NCC would like to thank the Head teacher of Silhouette School as well as IDC for making this trip possible and a success.