Perseverance: The key to success

Success, despite popular societal beliefs, is not a one way street or a straight line; it is a cluttered road with plenty of dents with various ups and downs but, the key is to not give up regardless of what obstacles presents itself; and that is perseverance.

This year, the National Council for Children initiated the ‘Perseverance Campaign’; a yearlong movement aimed to reach all secondary pupils, with the aim of instilling the importance of diligence, commitment and the will to persevere in their studies, their lives and in the future, the working world.

The initial launching of this campaign was done on the 15th February, 2019 at the Perseverance Secondary School. So far, the perseverance torch – a symbolic representation of perseverance, has been in four Secondary Schools namely Perseverance, Independent School Seychelles, English River and Beau Vallon.

The Chief Executive of NCC Jean Claude Matombe often reiterates, the campaign falls well in line with this year’s national theme ‘Kiltir Travay Dir’.

Matombe highlighted in one of his speeches that despite adversities and hardships, we can only succeed by never giving up.

“Perseverance is doing something in spite of obstacles, despite how hard it may be or how long it takes. Success comes to those who persist with consistent determination, which means to persevere, it is essential to put effort into everything we do,” said Matombe.

NCC’s aim for the rest of this year and up to next year, is to bring the campaign, its concept and essence at the reach of every Secondary School across Mahe, Praslin and La Digue as well.

The President’s Village is next in line to take the perseverance torch from Beau Vallon School which is then expected to be brought to the Anse Boileau Secondary at the beginning of the first term of the School year in 2020 to continue with the campaign.