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Parenting Session on Silhouette

On the evening of the 9th May, Doughlas and I left Labriz Hotel at Belombre to take a 35 minute boat ride to Silhouette to conduct a Parenting session there for the parents on the island. It was an enjoyable boat ride as the sea was calm and the ride not too long.

When we reached the island we were met by the Head teacher Ms Cynthia Barrack and her assistant Miss Milano. We were taken to where we were staying and then taken on a brief tour of the village. It was a very pleasant walk and we got to enjoy the quiet island atmosphere and talk to a few residents

Parenting Skills Programme

A Parenting Programme (Marmay or Kids) is being offered on a monthly basis at the NCC this year.

The programme which is divided in four components has been designed to extend parenting skills. No one way of parenting is right for everyone, or for every situation. As participants come from different background of beliefs and values, the intent of the programme is to acknowledge these differences and extend the skills of each participant.

"Lookie before you Leapie" Dating Violence

Here are some questions to help you recognise if you are in a healthy relationship.

Red Flags- Be warned:
Do you...
• get embarrassed by your boyfriend/ girlfriend’s behaviour towards you?
• feel afraid of your boyfriend/girlfriend most of the time?
• feel that your boyfriend/girlfriend is extremely jealous when you talk to friends of the opposite sex, even innocently?
• avoid topics or situations out of fear of angering your boyfriend or girlfriend?

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