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The Seychelles Islands, situated in the Indian Ocean, 4 degrees South of the Equator, has a population of approximately 80,000 inhabitants, of which 33 percent is young people aged below 0 and 18 years. Over the years the National Council for Children (NCC), a Non Government Organisation, has been an active advocate for the rights of children and has been vocal in its denunciation of child abuse . It has also worked to raise-public awareness on issues related to children's well being.

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Coping with Grief

Things that help you get better after a death


Tell someone how you feel.
Think about the good times you had.
Make a special memory, eg. collect all the photos you have and make a book.
Draw a picture of all the things you liked.
Write a story - get someone to help you.
Plant a special plant to remind you.

Being a dad is probably the most important job you’ll ever do

The way you behave with your kids will have a big effect on them – what they do, how they feel about themselves and how they turn out. As with anything that is important to you, being a dad deserves your time, energy and effort.

Studies have shown that kids whose dads spend time with them and are interested in them do better at school, are happier and more confident and have higher self-esteem.

Kids need dads who spend time with them
Ideas to try
- Kids love stories, especially about people they know. Tell them about when you were a kid.

Group Sessions for the Foyer de Nazareth and St Elizabeth orphanages

Certain members from the Psychology & Counseling Section organized educational group sessions for the Foyer de Nazareth and St Elizabeth orphanages.

First Aid Training


Target group: Workers/ Care takers

Aims: To develop knowledge and understanding of the basic first aid techniques to preserve life, limit worsening of conditions and promote recovery of casualty.